Our Trip to Tanaka Farms!

For our spring field trip, we went on a visit to Tanaka Farms! We were so excited to ride a yellow school bus and to wear our seatbelts. Once we got to the farm, we saw a huge strawberry field! We got to ride a large tractor where we had the chance to see where they grow over 60 fruits and vegetables in the fields. We all had an opportunity to eat fresh celery and red strawberries. Our tour guide told us that strawberries are best when they are “The redder, the better!” So, we all looked and picked the reddest strawberries we could find to take home! We also took turns petting some animals. We saw goats, horses, a pig, and chickens. Before leaving, we said goodbye to all farm animals and said “thank you” to everyone who showed us around Tanaka Farms! Thanks for such a fun trip, Tanaka Farms, and thank you to our parent chaperones and awesome team for keeping us safe!