Mission Statement
Provide quality education and childcare.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is based on the belief that children learn best when exposed to a challenging environment that offers a variety of meaningful hands-on activities and experiences. We believe that preschool children should be allowed to explore their surroundings in order to develop a good sense of problem solving and decision-making. The preschool curriculum, arrangement of furniture and space reflect the interests and needs of the children enrolled in our childcare center. It is very important to meet the basic needs of children such as, safety, nourishment and rest for them to be able to achieve proper levels of development. We strive to challenge children’s creativity and to be aware and respectful of their emotional needs and to support and facilitate their social development by providing opportunities for children to build positive self-esteem. We welcome and respect the diversity of cultures and encourage every member of our preschool to share their culture with us. We are facilitators of children’s development fostering their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development for life long learning.
What Makes Us So Special?
-We have a highly motivated professional staff that cares about your child..

-We have a warm, well designed (built to be a school) environment that encourages independence and free choice.  Our outside space is a continuous learning environment designed to meet the developmental needs of children.

-The entire program encourages independence and freedom of choice with guided activities.

-A structured day is designed to enhance the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of each child.

Difference between Day Care and Preschool

Very often we areasked the question “What is the difference between day care and preschool?” from parents trying to figure out what would be the best program for their children. The answer is simple, but complicated at the same time. The simple part of the answer is that children 0-5 are constantly learning; therefore, care and education for young children are intertwined, so there should be no difference between the two programs. The complicated part of the answer lays on the issue of quality. A quality preschool or day care center program provides both care and education for young children with teachers who are knowledgeable in the field of Child Development, loving and dedicated professionals to their duties of providing the optimal environment  and activities for children to grow and develop the essential skills for learning.  So when parents are trying to decide on the best type of program for their children, quality should be the decision factor.

Edgewater Preschool Owners/Administrators
Edgewater Preschool is a family-run business, owned and operated by Alan and Cristiane Foster  (husband and wife) and their wonderful staff. The couple has two daughters who have attended Edgewater, their girls (with the help of school parents and staff) have assisted Alan and Cristiane to maintain the focus on their mission of providing a quality program. Their interest in acquiring the school spawns from Cristiane’s 15-year history in teaching.  Cristiane who is the Administrative Multi-Site Director of their schools has been in the field of teaching for almost 30 years, 26 years being in early childhood education. She has earned her BA in Physical Education, an AA in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s Degree in Education with Emphasis in Early Childhood from CSULB . She hopes to some day continue her schooling in order to acquire a Doctorate Degree in this field.

Alan, who is a retired BMX racer and now works part time in the bicycle industry, shares his wife’s passion for teaching young children and has learned the importance of providing a quality environment for children and their families. Alan serves as the bookkeeper, IT supporter, marketing manager and the “fix-it” guy for both of their schools.

They are also the proud owners of another school in Orange, CA www.cvpreschool.com

School History
In the 70’s this area was being developed by the Whaley family.  This school was built so a grandchild could have a preschool in the area to attend, the building was built with the intention of being a preschool with all classrooms facing the outside yard.  Over the last 40 years the school has gone through a few owners and the name has been Los Altos Preschool and Woods-Edgewater Preschool that we know of, the two children sitting logo was hand drawn by one of the parents in the early years. Alan and Cristiane purchased the school from Betty Woods when she retired in Dec. 2001 and have had a blast being owners ever since.