“his preschool did a good job… they did a really good job.”

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Just a quick hello.

The other day Everett said something about “My real school, Edgewater” and made me realize again how fortunate we were to have spend 3 years as part of the school.

He is doing so well in kindergarten. He loves his teacher, and he’s starting to read. He loves keeping his light “green” and being well behaved. During this assessment, the teacher kept saying “his preschool did a good job… they did a really good job.”

Anyway, we are thankful, and we miss you.

Say hello to everyone for me and Everett.

Parent Survey comments May 2014

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A few responses when we asked “What do you like about our program?”


I like the class sizes, I like that the kids interact with kids outside of their class. I like the exposure to

different animals and nature the kids experience. I like the staff, they do make an effort to find the

approach that works for your child. I like the events that are given to promote family engagement. I

would have loved the opportunity to attend more events than I was able to.

The fact that all of the kids know all of the teachers and all of the teachers know all of the children.

I love that the teachers stay year after year and that there is not a high turnover rate — makes it feel

more family-friendly. I appreciate that the snacks and food is prepared there, as I would like my

child exposed to different foods. I have learned a lot about positive discipline by observing the

teachers. I also like that when I’m there, the children seem happy and I rarely see bad behavior,

and when it does happen, the teachers seem to know what to do. I also love that the program

focuses on learning through play. I’m not a big believer in trying to speed up reading and writing

when they can learn so much more through their own curiosity.


I like that my son is learning through play and seems to genuinely enjoy his time at school. I love

that I am kept so informed on what my son is doing and learning. We came from a different school

where there was no communication so I really appreciate being informed.


The growth that I have seen in my daughter in just the few months that she’s attended is

phenomenal and I know a lot of it is from her experience at Edgewater. The focus on learning

through play is what attracted us most to the school and we are so happy that she is there. The

photos shared from the first day were so amazing to receive and completely unexpected, that was

the best reassurance that she was in good hands. There is not an ounce of doubt in my mind that

she is not safe and taken care of when she’s at school and that is the absolute best thing.


I love that everything has a structure and there is never any questions. I drop of my kids and don’t

have to worry one bit. I love all the social media, emails and updates.


Teachers are friendly and Edgewater feels like a family. My child loves coming to school every

morning and that makes being away from him so much a little bit easier. I also love the fun

activities that are planned and the attention to detail and organization in your school set-up.


“are all so loving and warm”

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This one is from a family who had to move out of the area.

I’ve been meaning to write you and say that xxx and I (and the boys!) *really* miss Edgewater! We knew you guys were awesome, but I was telling myself that our new place would be just as awesome and well, it’s just not the same . . .

 Please give our best to everyone there and tell them that EW is the BOMB. Seriously- not only was the “curriculum” great, and your communications and everything were so smart and well-organized, but you guys are all so loving and warm. (boo HOO!)


The Williams Family

“I knew I found the perfect Preschool”

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When my son asked me when the weekend would be over because he wanted to go back to Edgewater, I knew I found the perfect Preschool. 

 As an educator myself, the whole program amazes me.  From their focus on the process of learning and not the product, to the amazing teachers and activities, Edgewater seems to have it all.  The children are presented with a wide range of academic and social activities with individual choice involved, yet the school is highly organized and structured in the predictable manner that young children need.

 Whether learning the letters of his name, getting dirty during sensory time, watching butterflies hatch, or picking strawberries on a field trip… I know everyday my son is developing skills that will prepare him greatly for kindergarten and beyond (with a smile on his face every step of the way).

I am confident he will be prepared to start

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My first impression of the school was that the children are
encouraged to express themselves and “experience” their
day, not just observe the program.  The youngest students
are given more free time, while the students in the older
classrooms start to follow a more structured learning

My 4 year old son has attended Edgewater since he was a toddler. 
He is a self-confident, happy child who feels capable of
trying new things and loves to learn.
Next year he will be in the Pre-K
class.  I am confident he will be prepared to start
Kindergarten due to his great start at Edgewater.

Preschool Parent Survey Comments

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Comments taken exactly as written from Parent Survey, March 2010

Our daughter loves school and even asks to go on the weekends! We have seen a huge improvement in her verbal skills, creativity, small and large motor skills.  The staff is so friendly and we love all the teachers.  They are all hard working and care deeply about the families and children.  We love the program and philosophy of the school.  Our daughter is allowed to be herself and is thriving.

We love how happy our child is at Edgewater and how the program nurtures his creativity.

We also really appreciate the flexibility and responsiveness to suggestion/constructive criticism  (like this survey) and constant genuine desire to improve the program.

The kids learn in an environment where they have fun and feel safe & cared for by all the teachers and staff.

Easy, laid back atmosphere. Hands on activities. Love that the kids experiment with many textures and craft/art activities. I like that they read every day.

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