We are a developmental childcare center with a play-based curriculum and integrated academics serving children from 18 months to 6 years of age Play Video

Welcome to Edgewater Preschool of Long Beach

We are a developmental childcare center with a play-based curriculum and integrated academics serving children from 18 months to 6 years of age Play Video

Welcome to Edgewater Preschool of Long Beach

We are a developmental childcare center with a play-based curriculum and integrated academics serving children from 18 months to 6 years of age Play Video

Welcome to Edgewater Preschool of Long Beach

Our Program

circle Curriculum Curriculum
Our preschool curriculum is based on Jean Piaget’s and Lev Vygotsky’s constructivist theories.

We believe that children’s life experiences shape who they are in the future; therefore, we strive to involve children in problem solving situations by utilizing science (physical and natural), mathematics, and social activities. Our preschool and toddler curriculum also provides a variety of hands-on and social activities that incorporate children’s and family’s interests, needs and life experiences by exposing children to the fields of arts, music, and creative movement. All our staff plays an integral part of the curriculum by facilitating children’s explorations and positively interacting in their daily routines.

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circle Guidance Guidance
We believe behavior guidance to be a means of fostering children’s self-control, so that they will ultimately

be able to incorporate positive values and standards into their lives. This will allow the children to interact responsibly with others in a predictable and mutually satisfying way as a precursor for lifelong learning.

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circle Health Health
We strive to maintain a clean and safe preschool environment with specific policies regarding

health and safety. All our teachers are CPR and First Aid certified. Our preschool provides care for WELL CHILDREN. We depend on parents to follow the center’s policy and keep ill children at home.

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circle Nutrition Nutrition
We provide three nutritious snacks; morning, afternoon and evening as well as lunch that is prepared at the

school all included in the price of tuition. We feel that mealtime is also a time for learning; therefore, children are encouraged to help themselves and each other. Nutrition is also incorporated into the preschool and toddler curriculum with cooking in the classrooms. Our weekly menu is posted on the parent board and website.

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What Makes Us Special

We have a highly motivated professional staff that cares about your child.

Our team is committed to providing the best care and education to children. We provide ongoing meetings and training to the entire staff to assure up to date practices in health, safety, and education of young children.

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Our outside space is a rare find in LA County. The parklike setting on a one-acre

lot allows plenty of room for the development of essential skills (large motor) and exercise; it also provides opportunities for discovery and exploration of nature. We see the outside as a continuous learning environment designed to meet the developmental needs of children.

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Children are an important part of their community; hence, our program aims to

support community involvement through family events at the center that enhance children’s culture and family traditions , family involvement opportunities and field trips to local educational venues that are aligned with our philosophy.

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Our philosophy is based on the Constructivist belief that children learn best

when exposed to a challenging environment that offers a variety of meaningful hands-on activities and experiences. We believe that preschool children should be allowed to explore their surroundings to develop a good sense of problem solving and decision-making. The preschool curriculum, arrangement of furniture and space reflect the interests and needs of the children enrolled in our childcare center. It is especially important to meet the basic needs of children such as, safety, nourishment, and rest for them to be able to achieve proper levels of development. We strive to challenge children’s creativity and to be aware and respectful of their emotional needs, and to support and facilitate their social development by providing opportunities for children to build positive self-esteem. We welcome and respect the diversity of cultures and encourage every member of our preschool to share their cultural traditions with us. We are facilitators of children’s development fostering their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development for lifelong learning.

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How to Enroll

Call us to schedule a tour of the school, it is never too early to do this as there is a waiting list.

If you decide that this is the preschool for you and your family we will collect a registration fee to confirm your spot on the wait list and we will communicate the possibilities the best we can. When a start date is locked in we can get you the enrollment pack to be filled out

** See the state forms here that are included in the enrollment packet but for convenience can be filled out and printed.

Our News

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Parent Testimonials

"his preschool did a good job… they did a really good job."

Just a quick hello. The other day Everett said something about “My real school, Edgewater” and made me realize again how fortunate we were to have spend 3 years as […]

Parent Survey comments

A few responses when we asked “What do you like about our program?” I like the class sizes, I like that the kids interact with kids outside of their class. […]

"are all so loving and warm"

This one is from a family who had to move out of the area. I’ve been meaning to write you and say that — and I (and the boys!) *really* […]