The Chipmunk’s 100th Day of School!

Since the first day of school, the Chipmunk friends counted up to the 100th day! All year we brain stormed ideas together of how we should celebrate. As part of our curriculum, we included all the children in the class to our count up to 100. Our celebration of 100 days provided opportunities for counting skills, language development, and collaboration to work all together. When the 100th day finally arrived, we baked “rainbow muffins.” We took turns measuring our ingredients and making predictions about what they may look and taste like out of the oven. In addition, we celebrated by choosing our favorite songs and showing off our coolest dance moves! The Chipmunks also worked together to decorate a poster using markers and stickers which hung up on our loft! The classroom was decorated with streamers and a large “100” balloon! With the support of all Chipmunk families and friends, we were able to make this 100th day awesome!