An Ode to Preschool and Childhood

A parent flipped us this very interesting article and we wanted to share because it spoke to us.  It was written for South Florida Parenting.  It could be a city in Florida or could be Long Beach, CA we have very similar feelings.  Great article!
Full article link here written by Karen Deerwester, Ed.S. South Florida Parenting
Too many good quotes but the last paragraph sums it up pretty good.
“You are sharing your child with an extraordinary group of people who hold magic in their hands. Preschool is an enchanted place, but you need to believe, too, even if the year starts with a few uncertain tears — yours or your child’s. Believe in love and learning and also in play and mess-making. Believe in perfect imperfection and taking time to grow. This September, walk away from the race to nowhere and run to the nearest sandbox!”

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