Preschooler Conversations

One of the joys of working in a preschool is hearing the amazing conversations children have with other children and teachers.  We will post these every so often, this particular one was with Teacher Dane and a 4yr old boy.
Teacher: I’m sorry, I forgot my ukulele again.
Child: You always forget Teacher!
T: I know I’m sorry, I think it is because it is so much smaller than my guitar so I don’t notice it as I leave the house. Maybe I will put it in my car the night before so I will remember, ok?
C: Yeah, but what if you forget in that car when you take the other car?
T: What do you mean? I only have one car.
C: Why don’t you have two cars?
T: Because it is just me, I can’t drive two cars at the same time. I only need one car.
C: Well, you should get married then. Then you could have two cars!

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